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Imagine a book club where every quarter you are sent 50+ traditional Sherlock Holmes stories in a collection that builds into the largest Sherlock Holmes story collection in the world?

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories has reached 39 volumes so far with over 700 traditional stories from some of the best Holmes writers in the world. The collection has had over 20 excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly and included forewords from NY bestselling authors like Lee Child and Jonathan Kellerman.

Now you can join the Sherlock Holmes Book Club and get 3 volumes of the collection each quarter on subscription with a significant saving on the cover price plus lots of free gifts along the way, including free Holmes books in PDF and audiobook.

All the royalties from the collection go to Undershaw school for children with learning disabilities - with over $100,000 being donated so far.

To celebrate the launch of the paperback quarterly subscription you can choose a free gift on joining before the end of the summer (31st August):


- The 2024 Page A Day Sherlock Holmes Calendar

- A Study In Illustrations Volume 1 (Mike Foy)

- The Vatican Cameos (Richard Ryan)


- The 2024 Page A Day Sherlock Holmes Calendar

- A Study In Illustrations Volume 1 (Mike Foy)

- The Vatican Cameos (Richard Ryan)

- Sherlock and Sons Gin

Just add a note at the shopping basket letting us know which gift you would like.

You can start the collection from the beginning, or anywhere in the middle.

Order here: The Sherlock Holmes Book Club Paperback Quarterly

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