Christmas at Happy Life - Day 4 - Power Cuts, GoPro and Candfloss

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The team from Dubai has been over at Juja Farm for the last few days and Craig has a GoPro and has created some neat videos. We’re excited to be heading over there on Monday. Until then, here’s a link to one of the videos;

 (GoPro Video from Craig - Fellowship Dubai)


Over here at Kasarani we had another split day of feeding (Sharon infants, Steve toddlers). One of the really sweet kids is Charity who loves to dance and with a bit of encouragement Steve managed to get her dancing with Melissa. With fifteen toddlers to keep happy and only two hands getting the kids to play with each other is an important tactic.


We decided on a closer lunch out with a quick Uber across to the Garden City Mall. Whilst very close, the walk would be across the very large Thikka highway so not suitable to attempt with the kids. Leah decided to bring one of the youngsters along – Theresa and it was delightful to see her acting like big sister.

They have a sand based play area there and they managed a decent amount of fun before the next thunderstorm had us all rushing into the main building. The big excitement for the kids was Candy Floss which they took as a choice over ice cream.  

The evening brought a neighbourhood wide power cut. Now that we have the hospital here, there is a backup generator but it wasn’t kicking in. So we had about an hour blackout right at the time the sun went down and the mamas were doing the evening meal – trying to navigate by a small torch. Imagine their surprise when Steve lent them his cap with built in LEDs!

With the generator fixed it was another movie night with Despicable Me 3 the film of choice. We sure get our kids movie quota filled on our trips.

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