Christmas at Happy Life - Day 5 - Midwife, Geese and Swimming

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One of the highlights of this trip has been meeting Erin, one of the daughters in the group from Dubai. Erin is thirteen and wants to be a midwife and has been helping out at the Jesse Kay Children’s hospital (part of Happy Life Kasarani) during the trip. We caught up with her on the ward.



Visiting projects like Happy Life is a wonderful life experience for teenagers to give them a sense of perspective and appreciation for how fortunate they are in their lives in the West. 

We were at a bit of a loss as to where to take Leah and Teresiah for the last day here and took a chance on visiting Idyllic Mistley Gardens as they claimed to have a swimming pool which is a real treat for the kids.


It turned out to be a wonderful peaceful place with only a few people (the staff tell us its extremely busy normally at the weekends). We had another lemon and ginger tea which has become our go to drink this trip. The only slightly noisy residents were the geese but only for a few minutes.

Once again Leah looked after Teresiah. Great to see in a teenager.


Trip there and back in our $3 Ubers were uneventful (the smaller Ubers are called 'Chap Chap') until the last stretch on the way back when what I thought was a goat ran straight out in front of the car - we hit it pretty hard but it jumped up and ran off. "Tough goat" I said. "No. Sheep are stupid, so that was a sheep. Goats are too clever to run out in front of cars" said our driver Kamau. Can't argue with that.


Sharon and Steve

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(more info on Happy Life........Five Ways You Can Help Us Change Lives This Holiday Period) 




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