Book Review - The Complete Thorndyke

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Canadian Holmes - Fall 2021

Editor David Marcum has brought together the entire Thorndyke collection. This nine-volume set covers 21 novels and over 40 short stories. Written by Richard Austin Freeman, the first Dr. Thorndyke story was printed 20 years after A Study in Scarlet, yet owes a tip of the hat to Conan Doyle, and Sherlock Holmes. 36 Canadian Holmes - Fall 2021 Tall, thin and aquiline there can be no doubt after whom Freeman modeled his medical doctor, who turned to the bar and became one of the first forensic scientists. These often hard-to-find stories are now easily purchased in attractive volumes thanks to MX Publishing. For more on the linkages between Dr. Thorndyke and Sherlock Holmes see Kelvin Jones’s article in the Summer 2020 edition of Canadian Holmes.



The entire Thorndyke Collection is available through this site.

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