Sherlock Holmes in the World of Jules Verne - Review of Sherlock Holmes in the Nautilus Adventure

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“…Once again, Joseph W Svec, III takes us (and Holmes and Watson) deep into another fictional world that somehow manages to be real. All of the scenes that excite the reader from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, such as the giant squid, are here in this exciting tale. While showing us the wonders of the Nautilus, and delighting us with Luna the Mermaid, Svec manages to also produce a challenging mystery! I am also pleased to see that the teaser at the end of the book promises more adventures, perhaps at Camelot! I gladly give this amazing book five stars plus!”

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The Games's Afloat! This fascinating tale takes Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on an amazing undersea adventure to find and rescue a famous author, who has been kidnapped. Along the way there are hidden clues, lost civilizations, danger, romance, humour, a volcanic eruption, a good deal of seaweed tea, and a more than one surprising plot twist, not to mention saving the world. It all begins, when a tall bearded gentleman enters 221-B Baker Street and says, "Hello, my name is Captain Nemo, of the submersible vessel the Nautilus, I would like to engage your services in locating a missing person. His name is Jules Verne.



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