Sherlock Holmes In Australia

Posted by Steve Emecz on

Sherlock Holmes is a truly worldwide phenomenon and he has a large fan base in most countries. Take Australia for example. The Sydney Passengers is one of the most well known scions around the world - we at MX are members and look forward to our regular editions of 'The Passengers Log'.

In terms of writers, we have several from Australia. To celebrate the forthcoming short story collection from Margaret Walsh (The Adventure of the Bloody Duck and other tales of Sherlock Holmes) we've launched a 3 for 2 on all the books from our Australian writers (it works for 6 for 4, 9 for 6 etc so you can really binge..)

A share of all the proceeds of books from this site go to buy books for Happy Life Mission in Kenya as part of our #bookstobooks project so you will be supporting local authors and helping buy books for children in need of support - a real win-win.

You can find the link to the collection here 'Sherlock Holmes Australian Writers' and all you need is the promo code 'oz'.


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