Sherlock Holmes and The Irish Rebels - It is 1916 and the world is at war

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"Exciting and full of authentic military detail" That's how the Sherlock Holmes Society of London described Kieran McMullen's first novel 'Watson's Afghan Adventure' published in January and the book has received rave reviews from around the world. McMullen now turns his focus squarely on Holmes in 'Sherlock Holmes and The Irish Rebels'. It is early 1916 and the world is at war. Sherlock Holmes is well into his spy persona as Altamont following the capture of the German spy Von Bork at the opening of the Great War. Watson is called to London by Mycroft Holmes and is asked to join Sherlock, who has infiltrated the Irish Volunteers. War within the United Kingdom could deal a decisive blow to the war effort and Holmes must find out the rebels plans, and if possible, stop the rebellion which appears imminent. He has need of Watson once again. The same level of detail is applied as with the first book. Taking from the review of Watson's Afghan Adventure; "Kieran McMullen, author of Watson’s Afghan Adventure is a former professional soldier and a specialist in American military history – an appropriate person to tell of Watson’s experiences as an army surgeon." Watson's Afghan AdventureAward winning Holmes historian Alistair Duncan recently commented on his Sherlokian Blog; "The author is a former US Army officer and his military background and knowledge of the Afghan campaign shine through in the rich detail that he offers us in the story". Kieran's own blog is becoming very popular - especially his recent series of articles on the different actors that have played Dr.Watson. Sherlock Holmes and The Irish Rebels has already been picked up for pre-order at Book Depository (free worldwide delivery), Amazon UK, and Amazon USA and will follow through all bookstores and in all formats. Watson's Afghan Adventure is available from all good bookstores and on Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, iBooks (iPad and iPhone) and other formats.

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