The Bookbag reviews Shadowblood - A Novel of Sherlock Holmes

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"Huge recommendation to all, but particularly Holmes fans, of course. Revels captures Holmes and Watson absolutely perfectly." You can count 5 out of 5 reviews from The Bookbag, one of the toughest book review sites in the world, on one hand if you are publisher and it is a rare book to get this accolade from them. Shadowblood from Tracy Revels, the 2nd book in a series of Sherlock Holmes novels that started with the best-selling Shadowfall gets the magical 5 stars and glowing recommendations - and they urge even traditionalists, who would normally steer clear of a fantasy version of Holmes, to give it a go. Shadowfall"I always find this kind of story, throwing fictional and historical characters together in a mix, to be rather hit or miss – sometimes it works brilliantly, sometimes it reads like a cut and paste of various other stories. I was keen to get my hands on this one as I think Revels pulled it off very well in the previous book – but as good as that was, this is definitely superior. For one thing, the action is even more fast and furious, since the world of the Shadows has been established and there’s no need to do any scene-setting there. For another, and the main reason I love the book so much – Revels captures Holmes and Watson absolutely perfectly. Everything Holmes does – from the detective skills he employs, to the moral decisions he makes – fits in completely with the canon of Arthur Conan Doyle novels. Revels is clearly hugely familiar with the originals and while I was originally planning on warning purists that the supernatural theme may put them off, I actually think the characters are captured so well that even the vast majority who wouldn’t normally touch a Holmes story by an author other than ACD will still love this one." Shadowblood is available from all good bookstores and all formats including Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, and electronic formats soon. Tracy Revels has a popular blog Strictly Sherlock and Tracy is on Team 1 (BBC Sherlock) in The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate on 10th November alongside:

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