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"As a step-by-step guide to the London of the Canon, it’s unbeatable" As publishers we don't like to overuse the word 'epic' but its the only way we can describe Thomas Wheeler's quite amazing new book 'The London of Sherlock Holmes'. Tom first launched a book a decade ago with 200 Holmes locations featured and this year the third version of his book has a staggering 400 locations. "Thomas Bruce Wheeler has devoted much time and energy to researching our capital city. After 2009’s admirable The New Finding Sherlock’s London comes The London of Sherlock Holmes (MX Publishing;; £13.99/$22.95/€17.99), which updates the earlier book to a degree that no other guide, I think, has seriously considered. As before, we’re directed to more than 300 sites, each of whose significance is clearly and pithily stated. You can visit the locations of a specific adventure, explore the sites near each of a hundred railway or Underground stations, or take any of six walking tours in the footsteps of Holmes and Watson. But The London of Sherlock Holmes is ideally used in its e-book format where the map references are hyperlinked to Google Maps and over 400 photographs. As a step-by-step guide to the London of the Canon, it’s unbeatable." The London of Sherlock Holmes is available from all good book stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble in paperback and in electronic versions such as Barnes and Noble Nook , Amazon Kindle and iBooks (iPad).

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