Top 8 Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks so far in January

Posted by Steve Emecz on

1.  The Scrapbook of Sherlock Holmes – Archie Rushden and Time Winters

2.  A Biased Judgement – Geri Schear and Dominic Lopez

3.   A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories – Jay Ganguly and Kevin E Green

4.  A Farewell to Baker Street – Mark Mower and Alan Weyman

5.  Charlie Milverton: A Modern Sherlock Holmes Story – Charlotte Anne Walters and Steve White

6.  Sherlock Holmes and the Hunt for Jack the Ripper – Gerard Kelly and Kevin Theis

7.  The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes – Volume 1 – Denis O. Smith and Kevin E Green

8.  A Most Diabolical Plot – Tim Symonds and Time Winters

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