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#SherlockSunday brings you news of new Sherlock Holmes launches coming soon. 

Mrs Hudson Goes To Paris - 14th Feb 2022

This is Susan Knight's third book featuring Mrs Hudson as investigator. The first was a short story collection (Mrs Hudson Investigates) and the second her first novel (Mrs Hudson Goes To Ireland).

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London's review of Mrs Hudson Goes To Ireland was glowing - Rarely do I finish a book in one sitting; on this occasion I had to burn the midnight oil to find out what happened in the end. If Mr Holmes ever worried about his competition, he need only look under his own roof; in Mrs Hudson, he may have well and truly met his match in terms of her investigating skills!    


Sherlock Holmes: A Study In Illustrations Volume 2 - 20th Mar 2022

Mike Foy brings us more than 400 more Holmes illustrations in his second compilation - the first one was dominated by Sidney Paget. You can find this and Volume one on Kickstarter.


New this week in Audio (watch out for the book in this weeks #THIF)

Sherlock Holmes: The Pearl of Death and Other Early Stories

In "The Pearl of Death", Holmes and Watson are asked by Scotland Yard to recover a stolen, priceless, giant, cursed pearl - and nearly die while doing so. "Mrs Watson’s Gold Locket" presents a rare mystery that Holmes fails to solve. In the "Mystery of the Nameless Man", a traveler with amnesia enlists Holmes’ aid in finding out who he is, where he came from, and why he’s in London. "Lure of the Rhinoceros Head" pits Holmes against an adversary he’ll never be able to catch. The epic "Case of the Marble Ghost" presents Holmes with a mystery so baffling he nearly brings himself and Scotland Yard to ruin trying to solve it. 

Holmes, Watson and Mycroft, Holmes’ older brother, interview the famous French adventure writer, Jules Verne, in "The Predictability Problem". What they learn about the impending future of the British Empire rattles them to their cores. In "Bane of the Black Brigand", Mrs. Hudson is caught in her kitchen holding a bloody knife while standing over the murdered corpse of a strange copper-haired man. "The Late Constable Avery" shows how Holmes cleverly solves the murder of a constable’s wife simply by using his immense powers of logic, observation and deduction. "A Most Irregular Murder" details Holmes’ very personal investigation concerning the murder of one of his Baker Street Irregulars. And finally, in "The Adventure of the Underworld Assassin", Holmes’ detecting skills are tested to their limits as he tries to stop an assassin from destroying the British government.


We've published the list of the Top 8 selling Sherlock Holmes audiobooks in January so far.






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