Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks in December So Far

Posted by Steve Emecz on

It's a record month for audiobooks and here's the top ten halfway into the month of December...

1.   Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Heka – David Marcum and Luke Barton

2.   Sherlock Holmes and the Return of the Whitechapel Vampire – Dean P. Turnbloom and Kevin E Green

3.   No Better Place – Alistair Duncan and J.T. McDaniel

4.   Sherlock Holmes and the Menacing Monk – Allan Mitchell and Steve White

5.   The Trial of Joseph Carr: A case file from “The Redacted Sherlock Holmes” – Orlando Pearson and Steve White

6.   A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories – Jay Ganguly and Kevin E Green

7.   East Wind Coming – Yuichi Hirayama and J.T. McDaniel

8.   A Case of Complex Identity – the Stage Play – Orlando Pearson and Steve White

9.   A New Line of Attack – Orlando Pearson and Steve White

10. A Criminal Carol – Claire Daines and J.T. McDaniel

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