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Week 28 - Two more new free audio books for the first 50 fans.... and this week is the big one - the book that spawned our header image of the five Sherlocks and our #THIF logo. 

Sherlock's Home, The Empty House broke many records. The first to feature four major Sherlock actors on the cover (we would have had RDJ if we could have got the Warner Brothers release in time...).The book was created from nothing to print in a month, it launched in nine languages, it featured on Russian National TV News to 200 million people, it features Stephen Fry, Mark Gatiss and a host of eminent Sherlockians. It finally arrived in audio this week.


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Please use contact us form quoting THIF-87 and let us know your country - we'll send you both books.

Sherlock's Home - The Empty House

With contributions from Stephen Fry, Mark Gatiss, Douglas Wilmer, and many more. 1903 saw The Adventure of The Empty House and the return of Sherlock Holmes to 221 B Baker Street where he explains the deception of his death at the Reichenbach Falls to his faithful friend Dr. John Watson. 2012 saw The Crime of The Empty House where the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Undershaw, lay in disrepair and the threat of being destroyed forever. This book was put together by fan site Sherlockology to help save Undershaw.  It was put together with the support of leading Sherlockians, BBC Sherlock, Granada TV, and many others. It's the only book in the world to feature four major Sherlock actors on the cover like this. And there's a very happy ending...

Today, the building is fully restored and is the new home of Stepping Stones School for children with learning disabilities (Steve the co-founder of MX Publishing is a patron of the school and to date MX and its authors have raised over $85,000 for the school through The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories)... We really want to get to 100+ reviews for the book so that Amazon feature it more prominently.


Sherlock Holmes and The Jeweller of Florence


It is summer 1895 and a lost play by William Shakespeare is discovered. While being authenticated by scholars in Oxford there is a break-in and the 300-year-old quarto is stolen. Holmes is engaged in the most unusual of circumstances and together with the faithful Dr. Watson, they are soon on a trail which takes them from the Epsom Derby to Epping Forest and the great city of Florence itself. But this is not the only case brought to 221B Baker Street during this eventful year. Any number of singular problems demand Holmes' attention including the terrifying schemes of an injured army captain, a spate of strychnine poisonings and a dancing bear suspected of murder in the East End. What bearing do these seemingly unrelated adventures have on the search for the lost play? Who is the woman haunting Dr. Watson and what is the mysterious Society of Lucius? With stilt walking chases, a swimming race across the River Thames and an explosion at the former site of Shakespeare's Globe, this is set to become Holmes' most dangerous and memorable adventure yet.



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(three more Kickstarters in build at the moment, including a live Theatre production featuring Jonathan Goodwin as Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes)

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The Magnificent Madness of Tessa Wiggins - the third book to feature Sherlock Holme's protege - find out how she follows in Holmes' footsteps.

Hounded! My Lifelong Obsession with Sherlock Holmes and Hound of The Baskervilles - under the pandemic, Vince Stadon consumed every version of The Hound he could lay his hands on - even the bad ones. This is his story.

Sherlock Holmes and The Eye of Heka - January 1888: Dr. Watson has returned to 221b Baker Street, just weeks after a personal tragedy has left him bereaved and bereft.

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