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David Marcum

"After writing a very sizeable number of adventures about Inspector Lestrade and the other men of Scotland Yard, all of which have appeared on line as fan-fiction (and one small print-on-demand volume), Bianca Jenkins has brought her interpretation of the Yarders to Sherlockian publishing giant, MX Books, by way of their Orange Pip imprint. Here she tells an origin tale of our favorite and most well-known Sherlockian policeman, beginning in 1867. It’s a very fitting and traditional narrative, and provides an excellent foundation for the online stories which some of us have been enjoying for years.

This is a traditional adventure, in spite of being set long before Lestrade met Sherlock Holmes. It’s published by MX’s Orange Pip imprint, which is set aside for non-traditional titles, but this would fit just fine under the main MX umbrella.

Knowing how prolific Jenkins is by way of her years of online Lestrade stories, and having read the trove of stories she’s already created, one can only hope that this is the first of many real books that she’ll produce. I’m already looking for the next one."


Tales of Scotland Yard - Lestrade is available on this site with a % going to our good causes. 

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From Orange Pip Books.

Orders from this store will be shipped in January.

Lestrade realized abruptly that he was not alone. He turned to face his assailants. Outnumbered, he braced himself for an unfair fight with no delusions of winning. Light glinted off metal as one of the men drew a blade, and Lestrade realized that he was in for more than just a beating – these men fully intended to kill him.

London. 1867. Against the advice of his senior partner and mentor, newly promoted Inspector Lestrade agrees to look into a case no one else wants, only to find that there is more to investigate than a simple disappearance, and that his fellow Inspectors may not be as trustworthy as they seem. Determined to carry on, uncertain who to trust, Lestrade faces danger and corruption both in the city-and within Scotland Yard itself.

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