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Week 20 - Here are the offers valid from now until 9am Saturday UK time (4am EST). Please consider adding a 'mystery book' to your order too as it helps us spread the postage. For the books of the week you can order either of both.

We have a very special offer for UK fans - please read carefully as they are coming from local stocks.

Books of the week

Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of Einstein's Daughter (click) $14.95

The Dean of a Swiss university persuades Sherlock Holmes to investigate the background of a would-be lecturer. To Dr. Watson it seems a very humdrum commission - but who is the mysterious 'Lieserl'? How does her existence threaten the ambitions of the technical assistant level III in Room 86 at the Federal Patents Office in Berne by the name of Albert Einstein? The assignment plunges Holmes and Watson into unfathomable Serbia to solve one of the intractable mysteries of the 20th Century. In Tim Symonds' previous detective novels, Sherlock Holmes and the Dead Boer At Scotney Castle and Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Bulgarian Codex the author based pivotal historic facts and a principal character on real life. So too in this new mystery.


Sherlock Holmes and The Portal of Time (click) $14.95

Only one man can change the outcome of World War II—Professor Moriarty. And only one man can stop him—Sherlock Holmes. In a breakneck race through time, Holmes and Watson must follow Moriarty eighteen years into the future to prevent him from helping the Germans develop the atomic bomb. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Holmes and Watson join forces with H.G. Wells, his wife Jane, and Albert Einstein in a life and death struggle on the eve of World War II.


Offer $4.95 (discount $10) - Quantity 10 of each

Code at basket     THIF-73


Sherlock Holmes Pendants (UK Only) - $39.00

Miniature Book Quote Pendant - The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle - Custom Bracelet or Necklace Charm. The pendant is hand-made Handmade and measures 1.5cms (height) by 2 cms (width).

We have three left - you will receive either gold or silver plated.

Offer $24 (discount $15)

Code at basket      THIF-74

(please UK only - we will have to cancel orders placed outside the UK)


Free AudioBooks of the Week

Dead Ringers - Sherlock Holmes Stories (click)  $16.95 by Robert Perret

Join Holmes and Watson on eleven original adventures, spanning their earliest collaboration to their service to the Crown in the Great War. Revisit A Study in Scarlet, return to The Copper Beeches, and learn the shocking truth behind the Bogus Laundry Affair. There will be murder under the big top, ancient prophecies come true, and a mysterious new queen of crime all putting the Great Detective to the test in these action-packed stories. This volume collects the best traditional pastiches by Robert Perret, Sherlockian author and scholar, and member of the John H. Watson Society and Doyle's Rotary Coffin. 

Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-75 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.

A Scandal in Nova Alba: Stage-Play Version by Orlando Pearson

Shakespeare wrote comedies, tragedies, and histories, but he never got around to writing a whodunit, and this mixture of the Bard and Baker Street fills the gap in his oeuvre. The King of Nova Alba approaches Sherlock Holmes. The current king’s predecessor on the Nova Alban throne, King Duncan, came to a violent end, and Holmes' petitioner is the prime suspect. He wants Sherlock Holmes to find the true killer. There is many a twist in a familiar tale, before Holmes reveals the utterly unexpected truth. Two years after Delos' publication of the story version of "A Scandal in Nova Alba", here it is at last as a stage-play.

Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-76 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


Art Print of the week

#29 - The Watcher In The Woods (click) $35.00

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by author Denis O Smith

50 x 70 cm Unframed Matte poster printed on durable, archival paper.

Offer $25.00 ($10 discount)    Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-ART


Other offers

The Conan Doyle Notes Hardcover (USA Only) - $18.95 off, down to $10 with the code 'CONAN'


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