Sherlock Homes - The Hero With A Thousand Faces

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With around fifty new Sherlock Holmes books coming out each year at MX we are used to the excitement of publisher's copies arriving at the office. However, today's package was particularly special.

David MacGregor's magnum opus, 'Sherlock Holmes The Hero With A Thousand Faces' ranks amongst one of the most important works we have published to date. It's a two volume tracing of the evolution of the character across three centuries. It's graced with a foreword from Sherlockian guru Roger Johnson.


The books explore how the character evolved from a character in detective stories into a genre, industry and global phenomenon. Volume 1 was released last month and Volume 2 comes out in September (pre-publication copies available from this site). The covers are fantastic - designed by Brian Belanger and requiring some special permissions.

A key part of Volume 2 includes the last decade of Holmes adaptations and we are delighted to have received permission from BBC Sherlock to include Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock on the spine.



Scott Monty from I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere is quoted on the cover of Volume 1

"The old proverb says, 'Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan'. Who then is responsible for the creation of Sherlock Holmes? Certainly Arthur Conan Doyle, from whose pen he sprang. But there were thousands of other influences as well, from real-life professionals to characters in literature, societal forces and of course the men who played him on stage and screen. David MacGregor does a comprehensive job of identifying many of the thousands of faces that brought Sherlock Holmes to life in this two-volume set that every Sherlockian must have".

We're very much looking forward to the early reviews of Volume 1 and hope to get audio versions underway soon. 

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