#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday Week 16

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Week 16 - Here are the offers valid from now until 9am Saturday UK time (4am EST). Only one discount code can be used per customer so please pick your offer. Please consider adding a 'mystery book' to your order too as it helps us spread the postage. 

Books of the week

Octavius Bear Books 1-3 (click) $54.85

Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was a bear.

This collection includes the first three novels of 'The Alternative Universe Mysteries for Adult Animal Lovers' that relate the exploits of super-sleuth Octavius Bear and his cohorts. Just for fun, this series swaps animals for humans in a world very similar to our own 21st century. Earth minus homosapiens. 

The Open and Shut Case

The Case of The Spotted Band

The Case of Scotch

Offer $19.85 (discount $35.00) - Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-62
2021 sees the final three books in the Octavius Bear series - 13, 14 and 15.


Sherlock Holmes and The Cornwall Affair (click) $14.95

Do you love Cornwall, with its cliffs and breakers, sleepy fishing harbours and villages? Would you like to meet a real English Lord? And do you enjoy an authentic, well researched historical crime story? With the author you will accompany the renowned Baker Street detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his friend Dr Watson, on their journey to Cornwall. There, in idyllic surroundings, they are faced with seemingly impenetrable questions, leading to desperate villainy. A fifty-year-old history of intrigue, smuggling, betrayal, murder and revenge waits to be revealed, and you are there, with Holmes and Watson.  

Offer $4.95 (discount $10.00) - Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-63
The first in 4 books (so far) from Johanna Rieke.


Free AudioBooks of the Week

Final Page of Baker Street
(click)  $14.95 by Dan Victor

First of 7 novels in the American Literati series - latest on Kickstarter



Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-64 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


The German Interpreter from the Redacted Series (click) by Orlando Pearson

A short story from The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Stories - six volumes (so far) of stories that weave real world events into Holmes stories.

The British government commissions Holmes and Watson to travel to Germany in the company of leading German interpreter Paul-Otto Schmidt, to help the authorities find the man who shot Horst Wessel, the leader of the Storm Troopers.

Holmes soon identifies Wessel's attacker and takes part in a politically charged interrogation of him attended by the gauleiter of Berlin, Joseph Gӧbbels.

Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-65 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


Art Print of the week

The Adventure of The Parisian Butcher  (click) $35.00

by Bruce HelanderBruce's art hangs in more than fifty major museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Smithsonian. Bruce's collages have featured in the New Yorker and other major publications. Bruce has two pieces in The Art of Sherlock Holmes - this one is #9 in the collection. The prints are authenticated by The Conan Doyle Estate.


The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by author Nick Cardillo

Offer $25.00 ($10 discount)    Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-66


Other offers


UK Clearance - We have just a few books left in the 75% off UK clearance section for fans in the UK.

Sherlock Holmes Book Club - Free gift when you join the Sherlock Holmes Book Club....

Kickstarter - there are three Sherlock Holmes campaigns on Kickstarter 

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