Sherlockian Author Profile - Orlando Pearson

The Church Times calls his stories, “clever, thought-provoking, terrific fun” while the Sherlock Holmes Society describes them as “imaginative and deeply thoughtful”. 

Orlando Pearson is the creator of The Redacted Sherlock Holmes series, which buries forever the idea that Sherlock Holmes might not have been a historical person.

Do you want to see Sherlock Holmes come to the rescue of Queen Victoria, arrange the borders of post-war Europe, clear Macbeth of murder, unravel King Oedipus’s complexities, or provide advice to the Almighty. Then you will find all this and more in the seven collections of short stories, two novels, and the six plays in the series.

Pearsons’s latest work, out in October, is A Study in Statecraft, and is the memoirs of Mycroft Holmes.

Watch how Sherlock Holmes’s brainer brother ends the First World War, resolves the Abdication crisis, and deals with parties held at Downing Street at the height of a pandemic. 

Pearson is also the host of Evenings with Sherlock Holmes which have been broadcast to fourteen countries – an example of which can be found under the link below.

Evenings With Sherlock Holmes

When not communing with the spirits of 221 b, Orlando is a certified public accountant who enjoys tennis, cricket, Classical music, and browsing price comparison websites. He has written Sherlock Holmes stories on all these topics.