#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday Week 15

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Week 15 - Here are the offers valid from now until 9am Saturday UK time (4am EST). Only one discount code can be used per customer so please pick your offer. Please consider adding a 'mystery book' to your order too as it helps us spread the postage. 

Books of the week

Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes (click) $24.95 

Jeremy Brett is recognised as the most celebrated incarnation of Sherlock Holmes which he presented for ten years. Jeremy delighted viewers with his dashing, arrogant, moody interpretation of the most popular famous detective he brought a brooding intensity to his finest role - one of disturbing power. He is still called the definitive Sherlock Holmes.

Offer $14.95 (discount $10.00) - Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-57


The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book (click) $14.95

In which street is the Diogenes Club? A Study in Pink is a problem deserving how many nicotine patches? Who is found dead in a locked chamber, with a poison dart above his ear? Which company employed a full-time secretary to answer Sherlock-related mail? What kind of creature swallowed the Blue Carbuncle? And in which TV episode can we find a cross-dressing Jude Law? From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's immortal stories to Sherlock and Elementary, through a century of Sherlock on the silver screen and on television, The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book is packed with 1000 questions to test the wits of every armchair detective. Whether your favourite Holmes is Rathbone or Brett, Cumberbatch or Miller, whether you search with magnifying glass or mobile phone, here are clues, codes and conundrums to challenge the sharpest of sleuths. A must for every true Sherlock fan.

Offer $4.95 (discount $10.00) - Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-58


Free AudioBooks of the Week

The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2
(click)  $14.95 by Denis Smith

From the cold-blooded murder of a man well known in London’s Bohemian society to a sinister tradition in an old Tudor manor house, these six cases from the early years of Holmes’ career in the 1880s present a singular collection of mysteries for the world’s first consulting detective to resolve. Who is it that bangs on the front door of Mr Lidington’s isolated cottage in the dead of night? Why does Henry Barton’s job interview proceed in such a surprising and unpredictable way? What is the secret of the man from Chile and his strange, silent wife? Sherlock Holmes must find the answers to these and many other puzzling questions if he is to bring these cases to a successful conclusion. In this new collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories, well known author Denis O. Smith accurately recreates once more both the atmosphere and the excitement of Conan Doyle’s well-loved original Holmes tales.

Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-59 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


Never Meant To Be  (click) $9.95 by Steve Seitz

An accident with H.G. Wells' time machine strands Cynthia Kenyon in London, 1882. Utterly alone, the prisoner of Professor James Moriarty, there is but one name from the period Cynthia knows: Sherlock Holmes. What she could not know is how powerful an attraction she would feel for Holmes' partner, the handsome Dr. John Watson. Cynthia faces a number of dangerous choices on this unique journey: allow the 19th century's great criminal mastermind to plunder the centuries? Give up her family, friends, and career for the love of one man from the past? Should she correct the history she has changed, and how? No matter what Cynthia chooses, some things are never meant to be.

Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-60 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


Art Print of the week

Sherlock Holmes and The Other Eye (click) $35.00

#11 - JR Linton
The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by authors Richard Dean Starr and E R Bower

Offer $25.00 ($10 discount)    Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-61


Other offers


UK Clearance - We have just a few books left in the 75% off UK clearance section for fans in the UK.

Sherlock Holmes Book Club - Free gift when you join the Sherlock Holmes Book Club....

Kickstarter - there are three Sherlock Holmes campaigns on Kickstarter 

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