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Never Meant To Be

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An accident with H.G. Wells' time machine strands Cynthia Kenyon in London, 1882. Utterly alone, the prisoner of Professor James Moriarty, there is but one name from the period Cynthia knows: Sherlock Holmes. What she could not know is how powerful an attraction she would feel for Holmes' partner, the handsome Dr. John Watson. Cynthia faces a number of dangerous choices on this unique journey: allow the 19th century's great criminal mastermind to plunder the centuries? Give up her family, friends, and career for the love of one man from the past? Should she correct the history she has changed, and how? No matter what Cynthia chooses, some things are never meant to be.

Author Name: Steve Seitz

ISBN: 9781780924533

Page count: 136

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