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Week 49 - All the best in new Sherlock Holmes content...

Due to the fantastic response to our audio app we've extended the launch discount until the end of December. The launch has the Lee Child (Reacher and Sherlock) interview and coming in 2022 interviews with Jeffrey Hatcher (Mr Holmes), Bonnie MacBird, Nicholas Meyer, Otto Penzler and IHOSE's Scott and Burt.

We're currently in Kenya working on one of the projects that your book purchases support - Happy Life Children's Home.  You can read out updates on our blog - News (click here). So please bear with us if it takes a bit longer to get this weeks codes out - the internet here is patchy!

We've added a new section this week 'Books You May Have Missed' - please check it out and ask us for books you've missed.


1. Free Audiobooks 

2. The MX Publishing Audio Collection

3. Books You May Have Missed



Three more books this week (150 free books in total). Please use contact us form quoting THIF-108 and let us know your country - we'll send you the books. If you've already got one of them, please let us know which you would like. 

Please note that we would really appreciate ratings and reviews for those books that you enjoy. The free audiobooks program takes a lot of time to administrate and getting the ratings and reviews makes it all worth it.   


Sleight of Fate

Amazon USA    

Ok, so you have won a few Sherlock Holmes quiz prizes, but what if your life depended on your knowledge of the Sherlock Holmes stories? That's the shocking fate facing a woman who is tied to a chair - if she can't answer, she dies. As the questions get increasingly more difficult, the listeners find themselves realizing when their time would be up in this most deadly of quizzes in which the winner wins the most important prize - life itself.

A fascinating short story which also includes a series of Sherlock Holmes puzzles.



On Consistent Luck (The Redacted Sherlock Holmes)

Amazon USA

How can the insurance companies keep on producing record profits when the economic theories of Professor Alfred Marshall and his protégé John Maynard Keynes suggest that this should be impossible when their prices can be easily compared? The Chancellor of the Exchequer would like an answer and commissions Sherlock Holmes to find out.

The great Baker Street sleuth and Dr Watson confront Mr. Peters, the CEO of Global Home Insurance, and the upshot is a change in the political landscape as well as Holmes's retirement to his beekeeper's cottage in Sussex.


I Will Find The Answer

Amazon USA

Erik has returned and has brought an interesting character to Holmes's attention: Dr. Henry Jekyll. It appears Jekyll is experimenting on an unsanctioned patient in an effort to prove his theories concerning human nature correct. But who is the patient he's found? Is it his mentally ill father, shut away for years in an institution? Is it Simon Stride, the jealous former suitor of Jekyll's fiancée? Or could it be the mysterious, unsavory murderer, Edward Hyde, with whom Jekyll seems to have intimate knowledge?

Sherlock Holmes, along with Erik and Watson, investigates this bizarre case. Holmes uses a very unorthodox method that brings him to the brink of insanity as he delves into the mind of a man obsessively devoted to his work. Will Holmes's own mind crack under the strain of this case?


2. The MX Publishing Audio Collection

The MX Publishing Audio Collection is the launch of our audio app. It is available on both iPhone and Android on a monthly subscription and include interviews, theatre performances and exclusive fiction not available anywhere else.

There will be new content added every month, especially traditional Sherlock Holmes short stories.

We've extended the launch offer - use code 'THIF' to get 30% off the app for life until the end of December. 

Click here to get the offer.


Included with the app launch are: 

1. The Sherlockian Interview 

Reacher And Sherlock with Lee Child

Wiggins: Son of Sherlock with Dorothy Palmer

Sherlock Holmes Author Panel 1 - with Alistair Duncan, Richard Ryan, Martin Daley, Orlando Pearson, Susan Knight and Tom Turley.

2. Sherlockian Theatre

Sherlock Holmes Studies In Scarlet - with Jonathan Goodwin

A Case of Identify - with Jonathan Goodwin

3. The Deductionist 

Mind Palace Methods - with Ben Cardall

4. Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Adventure of The Aspen Papers - Daniel Victor

The Adventure of The Fateful Malady - Craig Janacek

The Adventure of The Christmas Stocking - Paul D Gilbert

The Adventure of The Missing Necklace - Daniel Victor

Larcey In The Sky With Diamonds - Robert V Stapleton

The Onion Vendor's Secret - Marcia Wilson

(narrators include J.T. McDaniel, Luke Barton and Mike Langan)

Confirmed for 2022

More Sherlock Holmes Stories (at least 48)

Sherlock Holmes Interviews - Jeffrey Hatcher (Mr. Holmes), Bonnie MacBird,Scott Monty and Burt Wolder (IHOSE), Nicholas Meyer, Otto Penzler and more.

Sherlock Holmes Theatre Performances

Deduction Techniques from 'The Deductionist' Ben Cardall


3. Books You May Have Missed.

In this section every week we will share some books from our back catalogue - with over 500 books now there will be some gems you will have missed - if you like the look of a book and would like an audio code -Please use contact us form quoting THIF-I've missed it! and let us know your country.


a) Cat Flap - Bernie Quist Book 1

Ian Jarvis's series features a modern day Holmes and Watson based in York in England. If you like your mysteries with plenty of humour, then this series is for you - if you like book one there are three more so far.


 b) The Final Page of Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes and the American Literati Book 1)

One of the most successful Sherlock Holmes novel series in history with seven books so far and most also translated into Italian. Dan Victor includes a major literary name from history in each book and in this one its Raymond Chandler.



c) The Curious Cases of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 1

Australian writer Stephen Herczeg brings us lots of Sherlock Holmes traditional short stories and this is the first volume.


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