#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023 - Week 3

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Week 3 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023

We continue our quest to give away hundreds of Sherlock Holmes audiocodes each week and this week it's a choice of three from five the catalogue. 


There is one campaign running;

Sherlock Holmes and The Unmasking of the Whitechapel Horror - Holmes, Watson and Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline solve the unmasking, arrest, trial and execution of the real Jack The Ripper.

Free Audiobooks

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 3-2023 and let us know which country you are from. Please only ask for books you don't already have. 


The Keys of Death (new)

In Gretchen Altabef’s 1880 novel, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, and Mrs. Hudson begin something great in the world.

Out of the fog, three young souls unite in their common desire for justice. A genesis story about friendship with the power to change the world. Here, finally, Mrs. Hudson’s part in it can be told.

Our cast includes Paris’s gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin, West African pirate, Félix Calabar, London’s spectacular beauty, Lily Langtry, the Imperial Theatre Orchestra, the Irregular’s, and even the Prince of Wales has a part to play in Holmes’ solution to the murder mystery. Altabef’s exploration into women’s history brings to light the immensely creative approach to freedom crafted by the ladies of the Anglo-Jewish Community.

The Keys of Death rocks the heart of Holmes’ world. With a vengeful villain to match him. The world’s first consulting detective practice is born through one man’s unshakable belief in his gifts, his courage, and especially his friends. Through every challenge, Sherlock Holmes upholds his vision of a merciful justice for our world.


Sherlock Holmes: The Hero With a Thousand Faces - Volume 1

In the early 21st century, Benedict Cumberbatch gave the world the definitive portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC's Sherlock.

Then again, Jeremy Brett had been declared the "definitive" Holmes in Granada Television's series in the 1980s. The same was said of Basil Rathbone's performance in 14 films before that, and William Gillette's version of Holmes on stage at the turn of the 20th century had also been lauded to the skies.

In short, all four actors were declared to be the "definitive" Holmes, and yet their various interpretations of the greatest character in fiction could not be more different. Graced with a foreword by Sherlockian guru Roger Johnson, this audiobook sets out to trace the evolution of Sherlock Holmes and his audience across three centuries. What caused Victorian readers to respond with such fervor to Arthur Conan Doyle's creation? How did an eccentric American actor from Connecticut become acclaimed as the definitive Holmes on both sides of the Atlantic? Who were the original fanboys who ushered in the concepts of fandom and cosplay in the 1930s?

Using extensive contemporaneous accounts and reviews, Volume 1 explores the process by which Sherlock Holmes evolved from being merely a character in detective stories into a genre, industry, and global phenomenon all his own.


The Bird and The Buddha (Before Watson Book 2)

It is 1878, and Dr. Poppy Stamford has reluctantly rekindled her relationship with Sherlock Holmes. Though it has been almost four years since they parted on uneasy terms and while he continues to suppress his feelings for her, they are still intrigued and inspired - and frustrated - by each other. When her beloved uncle is arrested in relation to a series of murders near the British Museum, Poppy and the burgeoning detective set out to find the evidence to set him free. Can they track down the real killer in time to save Uncle Ormond from the rope?

In the latest adventure of Poppy Stamford and Sherlock Holmes, the two not only uncover secret societies, but find themselves soul-searching to clarify their beliefs about an array of moral issues including euthanasia and the death penalty, as well as their feelings toward one another.


Sherlock Holmes and The Affair of The Single Slipper

An investigation into a provocative ad in the London Times leads to a ghoulish murder and a master criminal.


A Study in Crimson

Mrs. Watson continues her hilarious career as a female Sherlock Holmes casting her net widely to include solving the Long Island Cave Mystery, bringing the murderer of an English woman found dead in Baden-Baden to justice, and finding a Holy Grail for a Scottish Laird.

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