Sherlock Sunday - Dark Stories

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Probably inspired by the dark and moody weather here in the UK (lots of rain) we've decided this week's Sherlock Sunday will be Dark Stories.

Please choose UP TO THREE audiobooks from the five choices that you would like to receive codes for. 

Please use the contact us form, quote #Sherlock Sunday Dark Stories and let us know which country you are from.

Please check your library so you don't ask for books already have (codes are hard to re-allocate). 


The Final Tales of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 1 - The Musical Murders

Holmes and Watson are plunged into the secret underworld of 1925 London, where a serial killer of musical (gay) men is afoot. The killer has a little list, and Sherlock is on it. Why? And what have the Bloomsbury Group and the Diogenes Club got to do with anything?


The Druid of Death

On the morning of the vernal equinox in 1899, Holmes is roused from his bed by Lestrade. The inspector has received a report of a girl brutally murdered at Stonehenge.

Upon arriving at the famed site, Holmes discovers the body of a young woman. On her forehead, painted in blood, is a druidic symbol. On her side, also in blood, is a message written in a strange language that neither Holmes nor Lestrade can decipher. The girl was also eviscerated and her organs placed around her body. As a final touch, branches from yew trees had been artistically arranged around the corpse.


Dark Arts, Dark Acts

It was in November 1940 that a senior minister at the British foreign office in blacked-out London commissioned Holmes and Watson to go to Berlin to negotiate a prisoner of war swap with the German high command.

And the price demanded by Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Göbbels, for any prisoner's release? That the two work with the Berlin police to capture a serial killer who is stalking the city’s railway network.



When the sacred relics and mystical objects of London begin disappearing, Sherlock Holmes must call on more than his powers of deduction to solve a mystery that threatens the safety of the British Empire and Doctor Watsons mortal soul.


Erin Go Bloody (McCabe and Cody Book 6)

When Erin, Ohio native Jamie Ellicott returns home as best-selling author James Ivanhoe after a 13-year absence, it’s like the return of the Prodigal Son. His ill and aging father welcomes him with open arms. Ivanhoe’s two brothers, however, are less forgiving.

The whole town gets drawn into the family drama when Ivanhoe seeks to march in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade under the banner of an anti-technology group called the Ned Ludd Society. That’s a thumb in the collective eye of his siblings, who own a company that makes microcircuits.

As a member of the parade committee, St. Benignus University communications director Jeff Cody has a stake in what soon becomes a heated national debate. But to his genius brother-in-law Sebastian McCabe, the contretemps becomes less important than investigating murder in the Ellicott family.

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