#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023 - Week 11

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Week 11 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023

Some great campaigns running on Kickstarter this week.

Arthur Hall's new collection Recollections of Sherlock Holmes and Glenn Searfoss's time travel Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time

We continue our quest to give away hundreds of Sherlock Holmes audio codes each week and this week we have a brand new short story - A Ghost From Christmas Past. It's our first story from The Art of Sherlock Holmes project. The book cover is made from the painting created by Nune Asatryan. You can see all 56 pieces of art from the project in The Art of Sherlock Holmes Virtual Gallery.

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 11-2023 and let us know which country you are from. Please only ask for books you don't already have. 

3 from 5 books this week please - ratings on Amazon really critical for us guys so please if you like the book post a rating - if you love it and are able to add a review that would be amazing. 


A Ghost from Christmas Past: The Art of Sherlock Holmes - 13


Sherlock Holmes: The Peculiar Persecution of John Vincent Harden


Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Cold-Served Revenge


The Camberwell Tyrant


Watson Is Not An Idiot

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