Sherlock Book Review - Jeremy Brett, Playing A Part

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Canadian Holmes - Bootmakers of Toronto 

Whittaker transcends a simple chronology of Brett's career by documenting it with primary sources, hundreds of photographs and unique insights in the the classically trained, superb actor.

There is a personal foreword from David Burke, Brett's first Watson. The section devoted to Brett's Sherlock Holmes is a tour de force. Whittaker knows the Canon, and provides astute and scholarly insight into Brett's interpretation.

Stephen Fry perhaps best sums up Jeremy Brett's portrayal of Holmes. 

"I have no doubt that a few performances in the history of television drama were as perfect, as passionate, exquisitely realized and definitively delivered as that of Jeremy Brett's extraordinary Sherlcok Holmes." The book is over 400 pages but hard to put down.



Jeremy Brett Playing a Part is available in three formats - B&W and colour paperbacks and Hardcase Colour.

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