#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 - Week 48

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Week 48 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 

Out this week in print;

The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes - Volume Two

A shocking account of the savage world in which Sherlock Holmes operated. The crimes of The Ripper; Conan Doyle’s knowledge of the killer’s identity; the methods employed by criminals, and of their pursuers; the harrowing truth about Holmes’ drug abuse, and of his gang of ‘street arabs’, the long-lost crime monographs by the Baker Street sleuth; and much more, this book tells the true story of Holmes’ gas-lit and sinister criminal world.

“Kelvin Jones takes the reader into Victorian England, walking side by side with the Great Detective…, an all-round, relentless researcher…” - Mark Alberstaat, ed. of Canadian Holmes.  


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Four books this week - if you already have one of them please only ask for the books you don't have so we don't waste codes...

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Sherlock Holmes and The Menacing Monk

Sherlock Holmes looks on idle and infuriated from the sidelines while evil has Whitechapel in the grip of fear, evil which bears the infamous name of Jack the Ripper, a name set to raise the hackles on people's necks for generations to come. A fearful officialdom has declared Sherlock persona non grata but is suffering the wrath of public opinion for its failure to bring the murderer to justice. Sherlock suspects there is more to this ritual of death being performed on London's darkened streets and makes plans for his own inquiry after an ancient brotherhood makes contact. Stanza by stanza, the listener is stirringly swept along as Allan Mitchell s rhythmic rhymes carry Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson toward their electrifying encounter with the "Menacing Monk". 



Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis Trials



The Trial of Jospeh Carr

A must for all lovers of serious sleuthing. In Kafka's The Trial, Josef K (here rendered Joseph Carr) is arrested one morning, although he has not done anything wrong, and is put on trial although no charge is ever disclosed to him. Here, Holmes conducts his own investigation into the arrest and subsequent legal process. His solution has uncanny pre-echoes of the early 21st century banking crisis and, in an extraordinary twist, Watson's text even name-checks some of the people that caused it. In its new guise The Trial emerges truly as a story of Holmes's time, our time and for all time.


East Wind Coming

East meets West as one of the most talented British Sherlockian scholars, John Hall, and a Japanese member of the Baker Street Irregulars, Hirayama Yuichi, argue important Sherlockian questions. One offers the other three questions, and the other answers them with all their Sherlockian knowledge. They are serious Sherlockian battles between an English Knight and Japanese samurai! 

This volume also includes Hirayama's Sherlockian papers published in The Musgraves, The Baker Street JournalThe Canadian Holmes, and The Shoso-in Bulletin.




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