The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes - Volume Two

The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes - Volume Two

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A shocking account of the savage world in which Sherlock Holmes operated. The crimes of The Ripper; Conan Doyle’s knowledge of the killer’s identity; the methods employed by criminals, and of their pursuers; the harrowing truth about Holmes’ drug abuse, and of his gang of ‘street arabs’, the long-lost crime monographs by the Baker Street sleuth; and much more, this book tells the true story of Holmes’ gas-lit and sinister criminal world.

“Victorian society was violent & exploitive…, footpads and garrotters stalked the streets of the City…beggars were rife.”.

Kelvin is the author of many books about Holmes, the definitive biography of Doyle as a spiritualist & the 3 volume edition of the author’s spiritualist writings. A distinguished life member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, he has published contemporary crime novels and poetry, and is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association. “The almost legendary Mr Jones…”- Roger Johnson, commissioning ed. of The Sherlock Holmes Journal.

“Kelvin Jones takes the reader into Victorian England, walking side by side with the Great Detective…, an all-round, relentless researcher…” - Mark Alberstaat, ed. of Canadian Holmes. 

Author     Kelvin Jones

ISBN        9781787058699

Date        25th November 2022

Volume 2 of The Criminal World of Sherlock Holmes

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