#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 - Week 45

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Week 45 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 

Out this week in print;

Sherlock Holmes and The Glamorous Ghost Volume 2 - Harry DeMaio

A Study In Illustrations Volume 3 - Mike Foy


Free Audiobooks

Four from our catalogue this week including the brand new Wordy Companion.

Please remember to post a rating of the book and a short review if possible as reviews and ratings go to help fund our free audiobook programme.

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Brand new this week: 

The Adventure of the Wordy Companion: An A-Z Guide to Sherlockian Phraseology

What would you buy in slop-shop? What would you put in your lumber room? And what on earth does the obliquity of the ecliptic actually mean? This A-Z of Sherlockian phraseology can help you find out. A handy guide to those "wordy words" and references found within the pages of Arthur Conan Doyle's books featuring the world's only consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.

This book gives explanations and definitions of the language and references used in all 60 of the original stories, a companion book, much like a paper Watson, following wherever the complete Holmes goes, dutifully explaining and narrating his meanings to the listener.

Whether you're a lifelong fan of Sherlock Homes, completely new to the books, or just somebody who enjoys learning new and interesting words, this book will guide you to some of the interesting language of the time.


Rendezvous at the Populaire

Sherlock Holmes has retired. After a cruel accident during a fruitless chase for Moriarty, Holmes is maimed badly enough that he declares he will no longer solve the crimes of the London streets. But then a letter comes.

A letter imploring him to investigate the Opera Populaire's ghost. The specter everyone has heard rumors of, but only one has seen.



Sherlock Holmes In The Nautilus Adventure

The games is afloat! This fascinating tale takes Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on an amazing undersea adventure to find and rescue a famous author, who has been kidnapped. Along the way there are hidden clues, lost civilizations, danger, romance, humor, a volcanic eruption, a good deal of seaweed tea, and a more than one surprising plot twist, not to mention saving the world. It all begins, when a tall bearded gentleman enters 221-B Baker Street and says, "Hello, my name is Captain Nemo, of the submersible vessel the Nautilus. I would like to engage your services in locating a missing person. His name is Jules Verne."


Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Scotsman

Enter into a complex international scenario of espionage, intrigue, and assassination. Thrown in are a mixed bag of characters.

The young visitor to the household of Sir Adrian Fettice, himself something of an enigma, his opposite number of the German Secret Service, some almost innocent bystanders, a deadly assassin, and Sherlock Holmes. A trap is set, but the outcome is not as expected. Only the quickness of mind of the greatest detective is capable of achieving the most unexpected but brilliant final result.

Following shortly after publication of John Worth’s brilliant evocation of the Victorian era East End of London in his novel The Making of a Man, this latest offering from the same writer is a fast moving Holmesian novella. It will engage all who enjoyed the first novel.


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