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Every Sunday we're going to celebrate a Sherlock Holmes author with free audiobook codes and offers on all their books.  

This week its one of our most prolific authors - Arthur Hall. Arthur has dozens of short stories and a series of novels too.

For the audiobooks please fill in our contact form with letting us know which country you are in and which books you would like.

For print books use the code '3for2hall' to get 3for2 (or indeed 6for4 or 9for6) on any of his books - Arthur Hall Sherlockian Profile



Further Little-Known Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Revelations from the despatch box of Doctor John Watson. These seven stories previously featured in various volumes of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories and other anthologies. They come together in their own collection for the first time.

The Incident of the Absent Thieves.

The Adventure of the Ten Tall Men

The Adventure of Canal Reach.

The Adventure of Marcus Davery

The Adventure of the Phantom Coachman

The Adventure of the Frightened Architect

The Adventure of the Moonlit Shadow


Tales From the Annals of Sherlock Holmes

Seven tales that have appeared in various anthologies, including the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, from master pastiche author Arthur Hall.

A client who is uncertain of his brother's demise; a priest with a curious accent; a headless body recovered from the Thames. Is Holmes correct in deducing that these things indicate a threat to the prime minister?

Why is Mr. Michael Burlott constantly stalked by a man he does not know?

The Whitechapel murders continue. Is the murderer known as Jack the Ripper still at large?

A previous client enlists Holmes' help in convincing his cousin that she is not mad. 

Why does Miss Elinora Todd deceive her brother by claiming to have meetings with a deceased woman? 

Miss Laura Willis engages Holmes to discover why she was abducted and left to starve to death. 

Inspector Lestrade asks Holmes to enquire into the sudden disappearance of a colleague.



Sole Contact

Bond is not the only agent out there. An urgent signal is received at the London headquarters of the ultra-secret government department known as Sector Three. Klemperer, their agent-in-place in Tunisia, is sheltering a North Korean diplomat who wishes to defect to the West, bringing with him vital intelligence concerning foreign sleeper agents operating in Britain. The Sector sends out their operative, code-named Robert Lane, who arrives at an hotel specified by Klemperer, to await contact. When he receives no message, Lane's impatience grows, then a guest falls to his death from a high window. Lane sees the body and realizes that the dead man's appearance closely matches his own. Shortly afterward, a series of attempts on his life begins - Lane has become a target for an unknown enemy, for reasons that he cannot explain. When Klemperer finally makes contact Lane meets him, expecting death at any moment from a ruthless adversary who is becoming increasingly desperate.



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