#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 - Week 42

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Week 42 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 

Out this week in print is the new collection from Mark Mower. 

Publishers Weekly had this to say about the Baker Street Archive:

"Mower ably emulates Conan Doyle in his solid fifth pastiche collection... Two of the six stories stand out as worthy of the best pasticheurs." 

Free Audiobooks

Three from our catalogue this week...

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Sherlock Holmes

The One Hundred Per Cent Society (Novel)

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson take on the case of Mr Avery Quill, whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared. The investigation has hardly begun when her body is discovered, and Mr Quill is himself murdered in the same manner. 


The Final Tales of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2 (short stories)

In this series of five short stories, Holmes and Watson continue their late investigations into dark crimes in 1920s London, joined by their excitable housekeeper at 221B Baker Street, the brilliant, buxom Miss Lily Hudson, and by Jasper Lestrade of Scotland Yard, the ambitious, respectful son of the late George Lestrade.


The Twisted Blackmailer - Watson and Holmes Book 1 (YA Novel)

Nothing's ever easy when Sherlock Holmes is involved. Joanna Watson needs sports and academic scholarships if she is going to make it all the way to med school. That means keeping out of trouble, and her school record squeaky clean. But upon befriending the mysterious New Girl, Joanna has her perfect record ruined, skips school for the first time in her life, and finds a blackmailer aiming a gun in her direction. All she knows is that she's going to get grounded...if they get out of this alive.



Sole Contact

Bond is not the only agent out there. An urgent signal is received at the London headquarters of the ultra-secret government department known as Sector Three. Klemperer, their agent-in-place in Tunisia, is sheltering a North Korean diplomat who wishes to defect to the West, bringing with him vital intelligence concerning foreign sleeper agents operating in Britain.


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