The Top 20 Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks In Feb 2024

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It's another month at the top for the wonderful collection by Terry Golledge with a close second for Paul Gilbert's novel. Joseph Svec's fantasy Holmes tales had a great month with three making the top 20.

1.   The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes – Terry Golledge and Michael Langan

2.   The Treasure of the Poison King – Paul Gilbert and Simon de Deney

3.   Sherlock Holmes Investigates – Susan Knight and Michael Langan

4.   Sherlock Holmes – Eliminate the Impossible – Paula Hammond and Michael Langan

5.   Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Heka – David Marcum and Luke Barton

6.   The Coriolis Effect – Janina Arndt and Tim Welch

7.   The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book – Andrew Murray and Charles Featherstone

8.   Sherlockian Musings – Sheldon Goldfarb and J.T. McDaniel

9.   The Selected Cases of Doctor Watson – Martin Daley and Kevin E Green

10. Sherlock Holmes and the Round Table Adventure – Joseph W Svec III and Anthony LeRoy Lovato

11. The Monographs – Ben Cardall and J.T. McDaniel

12. Sherlock Holmes and the Sixty Steps – Séamas Duffy and Michael Langan

13. The Scrapbook of Sherlock Holmes – Archie Rushden and Time Winters

14. Memoirs from Mrs. Hudson’s Kitchen – Wendy Heyman-Marsaw and Verona Westbrook

15. Mrs. Hudson in New York – Barry S. Brown and Johnny Robinson

16. Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Murders – Mark Sohn and Stockton Harris

17. Sherlock in Love – David MacGregor and Christopher Power

18. Sherlock & Irene – Chris Chan and David Bufton

19. Sherlock Holmes In The Nautilus Adventure – Joseph W Svec III and Anthony LeRoy Lovato

20. Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of Grinning Cat – Joseph W Svec III and Anthony LeRoy Lovato

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