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A cross-continent mystery featuring a host of characters, including C Auguste Dupin. The plot involves assassination attempts, a journey on the Orient Express and a ruthless criminal mastermind.



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About This Book:

Sinister House Book 2

Sherlock Holmes, his trusted friend, Dr. John Watson, and Sherlock’s older brother, Mycroft, had successfully unraveled a devious plot to assassinate Prince Edward Albert, Prince of Wales. With the aid of a colorful assortment of associates, Holmes and Watson, sprang a clever trap and stopped the gang of villains from carrying out their deadly intent. Holmes had hoped their capture would lead him a step closer to the mastermind behind all of the wide-reaching criminalities. But, dead men tell no tales, and Holmes quickly learned whoever was at the head of this sinister house was a ruthless master, who made certain no one would ever get an opportunity to tell what they knew. 

Meanwhile, as Holmes defended the royals on home soil, Ormond Sacker, an old friend of Holmes from his university days, insinuated himself into a group of anarchists hunkered down in a boisterous cabaret in Paris. As their camaraderie grew, tongues loosened, and Sacker learned of another assassination attempt to be executed in Germany. Racing to Berlin on the Orient Express, he hoped to somehow prevent the overthrow of the government and the death of Queen Victoria’s grandson, Kaiser Wilhelm II of the German Empire. With the assistance of a retired French detective, C. Auguste Dupin, an Italian lothario, and a clever and fearless journalist, Sacker concocts a scheme to upend the assassination attempt, and escapes with his life. 

Nevertheless, Holmes quickly realizes he is no closer to coming face to face with the elusive mastermind of the most anarchic and treacherous organization he has ever encountered. More discomfiting, though, is his conviction that the world has not heard the last from this sinister house. And his apprehensions are soon realized when threats loom large in England and on the Continent.     

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