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Features of Intererst

"This is possibly one of the greatest Sherlock Holmes spoofs of all time! And damn well full of fun. Yet to bring this lovely world to life, it was deemed necessary to disappear all Humans from planet Earth. In a way that they left behind unscathed all they had created, buildings, society, culture, science, industry, and the arts. At the same instant all the animals became sentient and able to speak languages."

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Sherlock Holmes Society of London

“This first ingenious, exciting and very funny exploit takes Bear and his mixed-species assistants pretty much around the globe in pursuit of Imperius Drake and the Deep Blue Sapphire, stolen from a Chicago museum.” 


Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was a bear. That's the wonderful premise around which Harry DeMaio has build a brilliant series of fantasy mystery books. Amazon USA has created a handy list of the series:

The Octavius Bear Series - now up to 12 books with book 13 coming in early 2021.

The Octavius Bear Series is set in a future where humans have been replaced by evolved animals. Octavius joins a growing cast of characters - many of which traditional Holmes fans will recognise with regular neat nods to the canon.

Harry is a regular contributor of traditional pastiches to the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories and has also penned a mystery for the subscription service Dear Holmes.

In this interview, Harry tells us all about the series.

We recommend getting start with book one in the series, The Open and Shut Case. You'll be glad you jumped into the wonderful world of Octavius Bear.


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