The Art of Sherlock Holmes Artist 2 - Tracy Guiteau

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Tracy Guiteau was born in New York to traditional Haitian parents, She says her decision to pursue art was often met with criticism. “My parents wanted me to be a nurse, and coming out of high school I received a full scholarship for nursing school,”. She headed to Providence, Rhode Island to attend the renowned Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design in 2007. During her training at RISD, she travelled internationally to learn and broaden her artistic experience at the University of Westminster in London.


Guiteau has a very distinctive style illustrated in 'Rise' above and 'Lotus' below.

Guiteau aims to keep her paintings rich with color, with hints of complexity through the use of detailed lines. Often, words and phrases are hidden in the painting, expressing themes that inspire the individual piece.

Here is Tracy's artwork in The Art of Sherlock Holmes 'The Tranquility of The Morning' from a story by Mike Hogan - and yes, there are several hidden words in it - well, it is Sherlock Art after all. The painting has been turned into a beautiful art print by The Conan Doyle Estate.

The Art of Sherlock Holmes West Palm Beach Edition is available from Amazon USA ,  Barnes and Noble , Amazon UK   and Book Depository (free worldwide shipping) - and in other formats: Kindle.

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