The Art Of Sherlock Holmes Artist 1 - Anthony Hernandez

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The first of the fifteen artists featured in first The Art of Sherlock Holmes book, Anthony Hernandez is perhaps the most widely seen across his home town of West Palm Beach - in addition to his paintings, he also has many murals around town.

For The Art of Sherlock Holmes West Palm Beach Edition, Anthony chose to use the theme from his 'Masterpiece' series, where he uses a black and white head and a collage colour body. Here are some examples - Dali, Picasso and Van Gogh:

For the Sherlock Holmes story 'The Tale of The First Adventure' written by author Derrick Belanger,  Anthony has woven in many elements from the story.

Here is a wonderful print from the Conan Doyle Estate of the final art.

Born in Havana, Cuba on October 16, 1972 His love and passion for art influenced his life as a young child. Anthony was fascinated by works of artists from his birthplace including Amelia Peláez, Mario Carreño and Rene’ Portocarrero. At the age of 12 he immigrated to Chicago and now resides in Florida. 

The Art of Sherlock Holmes West Palm Beach Edition is available from Amazon USA ,  Barnes and Noble , Amazon UK   and Book Depository (free worldwide shipping) - and in other formats: Kindle.

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