The Art of Sherlock Holmes Artist 11 - JR Linton

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The Artist

JR Linton's parents recognized his gift as an artist. Once the paint was shaved off of the family dog, they encouraged him to move to other media. As his talent and desire to create grew, his dad would steal reams and reams of 11 x 17 paper from his office to feed his son's growing habit. His mom would keep him on a steady diet of Kool-Aid and American-cheese-and-mustard sandwiches. This kept his mind sharp and his pencils sharper.

He received his first break in the world of professional graphic arts at the age of 16, working for a local comic book creator and publisher. Many a late night, he stayed up doing paste-up, inking and coloring on books that nobody read. When the company tanked suddenly, Linton found his way to the world of digital art and web design. Here, his highly analytical mind (and more Kool-Aid) helped him achieve an excellent understanding of interactive arts and computer programming. Having actually visited every page on the internet, he then began his journey into tattooing. Here, he could delve into his favourite two pastimes: art, and hurting people and getting paid for it. As a tattoo artist, Linton was able to return to his traditional art roots, yet still maintain a connection to the technology he has learned over the past ten years. 

(One of JR's physical pieces, original acrylic art on a radiator......)

The Story

For the Art of Sherlock Holmes JR has created an iconic piece from a story by authors Richard Dean Starr and E R Bower 'Sherlock Holmes and The Other Eye'. 

Richard Dean Starr has written or edited more than 200 articles, columns, stories, books, comics, screenplays, and graphic novels since the age of seventeen. His original fiction and non-fiction has appeared in magazines and newspapers as varied as Cemetery Dance, Science Fiction Chronicle, The Southeast Georgian, The Camden County Tribune, Suspense Magazine, and Starlog, among others.  E.R. Bower began her publishing career as an editorial intern with prominent indie publisher Les Figues Press and went on to become a professionally-published author, editor, and consultant for fiction, non-fiction, motion picture, and poetry projects.  

The painting has been turned into an authenticated print for fans to buy from The Conan Doyle Estate.

The Merchandise

There are lots of offers on books, art prints and merchandise on our Art Of Sherlock Holmes Page.


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