New Arthur Conan Doyle Book Gets Rave Review

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Alistair Duncan's new book 'The Norwood Author - Arthur Conan Doyle and the Norwood Years (1891 - 1894)' has received its first major review - 4 stars and a glowing report from The Bookbag. The book covers a critical stage in Conan Doyle's life - and one that has been rarely covered by other historians. "This book does an excellent job in detailing his activities as a resident of Norwood. There is a comprehensive choice of illustrations, both old and new, and appendices on relevant articles about him in the 'Norwood News' as well as his cricket performances. Also included is a brief note of what happened to him and his contemporaries in the ensuing years, and on how Norwood celebrates the legacy of their famous resident over a hundred years later, not least with an exhibition at the local Wetherspoons. The solid research has clearly been a labour of love, and the result is a concise volume with which no Conan Doyle enthusiast should be with out." The book comes out on the 1st March and is one of the most eagerly awaited by Doyleans. The full review is available at  The Bookbag [caption id="attachment_18" align="alignnone" width="98" caption="The Norwood Author"]The Norwood Author[/caption]

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