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After several Holmes heavyweights joined the side of the BBC's Sherlock, the Guy Ritchie side was looking a little light - but no more. Gerry O'Hara has worked with some of the most famous actors of all time from Laurence Olivier (Richard III) to Joan Collins (The Bitch) and has directed many Hollywood movies - including working on the Academy Award winning Tom Jones. He's no stranger to television either having worked on The Avengers, The Professionals, Hammer House of Horror, Cats Eyes and a host of other programmes. He's a record breaker too. He wrote the adaptation of the...

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There are a few weeks to go before the teams in The Great Sherlock Holmes debate are finalised, but here are the initial people that have been confirmed onto the teams in the first 24-48 hours. BBC - Roger Johnson (BSI) (UK), Kate Workman (USA), Dan Andriacco (USA), Guy Richie Movies - Kieran McMullen (USA), Joe Revill (UK), Larry Feldman (USA), We're working through lots of other approaches as well and looking forward to many more. We've confirmed that there will be at least 80 audience members drawn from fans of the Facebook page for The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate...

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We talk to thousands of Sherlock Holmes fans and everyone has an opinion on the BBC's Sherlock series and the two films from Guy Richie. We are also fortunate to hear the views of some of the world's leading Holmes experts and of course about twenty of our own authors. When Charlotte Walters decided to mark the launch of her debut novel, Barefoot on Baker Street, this Tuesday 20th September, with a stunning challenge to write about each of the 56 Holmes stories, one a day until 11th November, we wondered how we could mark the occasion. The Great Sherlock...

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To celebrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday on the 22nd May, one of the world's most renown Sherlock Holmes historians Alistair Duncan appeared at Waterstones Croydon from 11am to sign copies of all three of his books - but in particular his latest book  'The Norwood Author' which is very much a local book for the store. Fans were treated to a rare bookstore appearance from Duncan who lives in South London Conan Doyle wrote many of his Sherlock Holmes stories while he was a resident in Norwood and many commentators feel that some of his best work came during...

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