The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate - Teams Now Include Major Societies and Bloggers

Posted by Steve Emecz on

It's day 6 of 56 ahead of what's widely being tipped as the biggest Sherlock Holmes debate ever and here's an update of how the teams are shaping up. The audience fan page is growing well too with (at time of writing) 174 people registered from over 20 countries around the world - although around half those registered so far are from the USA. The audience tickets (80) will be released in a few weeks time on the Great Debate Facebook page. Several society heavyweights, authors and a film director have joined in the first week and rumours of several celebrity Holmes fans considering jumping in will make next week quite exciting. We're very pleased to see some of the most followed Holmes blogs taking part. Writing weekly/daily on Holmes matters gives a real depth of opinion which will be vital. As with most genres bloggers can have huge followings. We are also looking at some strong academic participants - more news on that soon. Look out for the designation BSI (Baker Street Irregulars) as to get into the Irregulars you must have made a 'significant contribution' to the cause of Sherlock Holmes - you can check out their Baker Street Journal here. So we have: BBC's Sherlock Roger Johnson (BSI)  [Editor, The Sherlock Holmes Society of London journal] - UK The Baker Street Babes [Podcast team of 11] - USA/UK Charlotte Walters [Author, Barefoot on Baker Street, 56 Sherlock Holmes Stories in 56 days] - UK Kate Workman [Author, Rendezvous At The Populaire, I Will Find The Answer] - USA Dan Andriacco [Author, Baker Street Beat, No Police Like Holmes] - USA Guy Ritchie's Movies  Gerry O'Hara [Director, film/tv] - UK Jamie Mahoney [Blog - Better Holmes and Gardens] - USA Gerry Kelly [Author - The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes] - UK Larry Feldman [Founding member of The Montague Street Lodgers of Brooklyn] - USA Kieran McMullen [ Author and military expert, Watson's Afghan Adventure] - USA What will week two bring? Please remember the debate is supporting two important causes - Save Undershaw and BAFTA for Jeremy Brett - please check out their sites and join their pages on Facebook (Undershaw Trust on Facebook).

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