Sherlockian Interview - Jeffrey Alan Lockwood

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With the upcoming launch of volumes 43-45 of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (currently on Kickstarter), we're talking to the authors involved. Today (2nd April) it's Jeffrey Alan Lockwood.

Tell us a little about yourself – Where you live and your main hobbies.

I live in Laramie, Wyoming, where I'm a professor of natural sciences and humanities at the University of Wyoming.  Living at 7200 feet means that winter is devoted to cross-country skiing and summer is dedicated to hiking and growing a garden against all climatic odds (late snow, summer hail, early frost).  

What’s the name of your story in this collection, and what is it about (with no spoilers)?

My story is "A Little White Lie" which taps into my formal training as an entomologist (I worked in the College of Agriculture for 15 years before metamorphosing into philosophy and creative writing).  In this tale, Holmes and Watson are drawn into a kidnapping case in which the villain has a bizarre (but understandable) obsession with white flowers and creatures.  By deploying the Baker Street Irregulars, Holmes is able to acquire the six-legged asset that allows him to dupe the monomaniacal kidnapper and secure the not-so-innocent hostage.

What other projects have you recently completed that we can check out?

Here are a few recent projects that show the breadth of my literary interests:

Traces: Sand And Snow In Symbiosis

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