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The next three volumes of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories are due in November and fans can get big discounts and unique rewards in the Volume XXII-XIV Kickstarter.

Each day we'll be highlighting one of the dozens of authors of the 64 new stories in the new volumes. 

Today is David Marcum (click here for David's Amazon profile)


David has three stories in these volumes... 

Part XXII: The Secret in Lowndes Court – A man stops by Baker Street on his way to work with the story that his new landlady needs help taking care of a ghost. Holmes and Watson’s investigation soon uncovers a much bigger problem.

Part XXIII: The Rhayader Legacy – What Holmes dismisses as a “commonplace little murder” becomes much more complex when the identified murderer’s daughter insists that he help clear her father’s name.

Part XXIV: The Hammerford Will Business – Holmes receives a warning: “Don’t go to Hammerford.” Of course, there’s nothing more likely to make him do just that, and when he and Watson arrive, they discover a long-buried secret that is ready to come to light.


David's favourite quote from the canon:

“We can but try.” – from “The Problem of Thor Bridge” and “The Creeping Man”





My favorite Holmes quote:


“We can but try.” – from “The Problem of Thor Bridge” and “The Creeping Man”

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