Sherlock Sunday - Geri Schear

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Every Sunday we're going to celebrate a Sherlock Holmes author with free audiobook codes and an offer on all their books.  

This week its Irish writer Geri Schear who has three novels with MX.

Fill in our contact form with your choice of Geri's audiobooks (below) letting us know which country you are in - and use the code 3for2schear to get three for two on her books from our Geri Schear collection - code valid until Friday 29th October.


A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897

Poltergeists, Egyptian myths, and a series of murders make 1898 a year Sherlock Holmes will never forget. From Camden Town to the diamond district, no part of London is safe. It will take all of his skills if Holmes is to keep himself, Doctor Watson, and their friends free from harm. He doesn't need any distractions. What a time for Lady Beatrice to be trapped in a volatile Paris.
When a half-naked man is found gibbering on the moor, Sherlock Holmes uncovers a series of bizarre murders. At their heart lies a shadowy figure known only as The Sorcerer. He can talk to the dead, they say. He can bend any will to his own. Even a will as formidable as the detective's. The investigation leads from Dartmoor to Ireland and, ultimately, back to one of the most terrifying scenes of his career. Can Holmes survive the Reichenbach Falls a second time?


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