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This new collection of Sherlock Holmes and his ghostly adventures are bound to entertain the reader for hours.

If ever you needed to be afraid of a ghost, Lady Juliet Armstrong, Baroness Crestwell is the one I'd steer clear of. Not that she is scary in a ghostly manner, but don't think you'd get away with murder when she's around. The fact that she is a bit of sidekick to the legendary Sherlock Holmes, should make any prospective murderer stop dead (yes, the pun is intended) in their tracks.

After successfully bringing the perpetrator who did her in to justice, Lady Juliet once again manages to charm her way with the Powers that Be in Heaven to allow her another return to earth to be of assistance to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Of course she cannot wander the realms all by herself, so her trusted ghostly companion, Pookie, aids and abets throughout. In this second Volume of Sherlock Holmes and the Glamorous Ghost, Pookie, the highly opinionated Bichon Frisè, provides amble comic relief and entertainment to the spirits and the humans alike.

In typical Sherlock Holmes style, the volume is presented in the form of various short stories:

The Garden Party

The Mystics of Evil

The Girls night out

The Canine Cadre - a novella

The Clamorous Ghosts


Her Last Bow?

All of these are well presented and easy reads. The Garden Party mainly takes place in Heaven and almost presented as a One Woman's Show. Of course the One Woman is lady Juliet herself, clad in her gorgeous, scarlet Parisian gown and her flair for the dramatic. This fun opening story entices the reader for more intrigues to come in the following stories and the author does have a few trump cards up his sleeve - a ghost catching a spirit and a ghost accused of murder, to mention but a few.

As a keen Sherlock Holmes fan and an animal lover, it was wonderful to see the appearance of Toby, "the ugly long haired, lop-eared creature, half spaniel and half lurcher, brown and white in colour, with a very clumsy waddling gait." Seeing that Toby by now also resides on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, Lady Juliet and Pookie are accompanying Toby who has retained his formidable tracking ability even after death, to help Sherlock Holmes to solve a rather difficult case on earth.

This new collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures are bound to entertain the reader for hours and you wouldn't want to miss out on his ghostly dealings at all.

Thank you to Reedsy Discovery for providing us with a copy of Sherlock Holmes and the Glamorous Ghost Volume 2. We appreciate it and enjoyed it immensely.


Glamorous Ghost Volume 2 is available from this site and also from all good bookstores including: 

Amazon USA     Barnes and Noble   Amazon UK

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