Sherlock Book Review - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes: The Stage Plays

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The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes: The Stage Plays contains six, though both “A Case of Complex Identity” and “The Bruce-Partington Diptych” dramatise a canonical adventure and give it a non-canonical sequel. Mycroft Holmes’s diplomatic intrigue is to the fore in “The Sleeper’s Cache”, which follows “The Bruce-Partington Plans”, and in “A Perilous Engagement”, whose main characters include a Miss Jean Leckie.


“A Scandal in Nova Alba” takes Shakespeare’s Scottish play in a different direction. “The Baron of Wimbledon” links the pre-war German tennis star Gottfried von Cramm, who defied the Nazis and suffered for it, to “the Count Von Kramm”. And Holmes’s client in “Mr Devine’s Original Problem” is the most illustrious of all. These imaginative and deeply thoughtful plays have proved successful in performance.

The whole Redacted Sherlock Holmes series is available from this site and all good bookstores.


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