Sherlock and Shakespeare Event Makes History

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Last night's event at Undershaw, the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made history by live-streaming a brand new Shakespeare-Sherlock crossover play to fans all over the world. An audience of around fifty fans were there in person and were joined by fans across the USA, Europe and as far away as India via an online broadcast thanks to sponsors Zoom.

The evening was broken into three parts:

  • The Scandal In Nova Alba Play - by Orlando Pearson
  • A live performance from 'The Deductionist' Ben Cardall
  • A live tour of the amazing fully restored Undershaw

The evening was a big success and raised funds for Stepping Stones School and Happy Life School in Nairobi (twinned with Stepping Stones).

The evening also celebrated the latest donation to the school from the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories which has its XVI, XVII and XVIII volumes launching this month - taking the total raised so far to over $55,000.

For fans that couldn't join live, here are three videos from the evening - showing the flexibility of Zoom they were all shot via a laptop tethering through a mobile phone as the Stepping Stones wifi network failed on the night! So please bear with the odd jump in picture/audio.

We also caught up with the writer and playwright (and actor on the evening) Orlando Pearson for an interview, and an interview with fellow Sherlockian writer Daniel D Victor who was in the audience.


The Scandal In Nova Alba Play - by Orlando Pearson


The Deductionist - Ben Cardall


A live tour of Undershaw, the home of Stepping Stones School 


Interview with Orlando Pearson 


Interview with Daniel D Victor

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