Queen Elizabeth 2nd and John Jochimsen

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It was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Queen Elisabeth II yesterday. Whilst MX is best known for our work with Sherlock Holmes, some of our fans will know that we also work on many biographies.

One of those was for John Jochimsen (80 Years Gone In A Flash) who himself sadly passed a week ago in his late nineties too. John was one of the most accomplished photographers of the 20th Century and took many amazing photographs of the Queen.

He was one of the last people alive to have been at Treetops when the Queen became Queen.

When I went to visit John to work on the biography (he was already in his eighties by then) he told me how amazing is was to be there in Kenya at the time. There are no photos of when she actually became Queen as all of the photographers agreed to give her the space she needed. There are plenty of other photographs from that trip though.


He's also one of the photographers that took the iconic picture of the Queen with Ronald Reagan on horseback.



RIP Queen Elizabeth 2nd and the wonderful John Jochimsen.


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