John Jochimsen

One of the most accomplished photographers of the 20th Century, John took many unique and rare photos of heads of state and world events. His biography, 80 Years In A Flash shares wonderful stories of his career that spanned more than five decades.

"Having been a photo journalist who travelled the world most of my working life,I was out in Kenya in 1952 with Princess Elizabeth when her father the King died, whilst being shot at by the Mau Mau uprising later in that tour of five months. I have lived with the Dyaks, the head hunters of Sarawak in their long houses and was shot at again when I was seconded to Sir Gerald Templer in Malaya during the terrorist uprising. Having travelled East and West Africa then the Sudan,the Far East followed all the time shooting picture features.

I lived through WW2 and the London Blitz as a boy, worked for a film company in my first job and then did two years National Service in the RAF. After demob I joined the News of the World for eighteen months, then the Central Office of Information as a staff man followed by chief photographer of the UK Atomic Energy Authority before going free lance for over forty years. I am now retired and write for a hobby with I hope a quieter life!"