Publishers Weekly's Tenth Great Review In A Row

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The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories keeps breaking records - the most new stories, the most participating authors, etc - but its the quality of the reviews that is the most rewarding. Just in the tenth great review from Publishers Weekly - here are links to them all:

"This series shows no sign of flagging, welcome news for the many eager for more Holmes."

Volume XV review

“More than 300 pastiches later, this MX series shows no sign of running out of steam”

Volume XIV review

“Amazingly, Marcum has found 22 superb pastiches, almost all from unknown authors. This is more catnip for fans of stories faithful to Conan Doyle’s originals.

Volume XIII review 

“Marcum continues to amaze with the number of high-quality pastiches that he has selected”

Volume XII review

“This is an essential volume for Sherlock Holmes fans

Volume XI review

"Marcum continues to find new Sherlock Holmes adventures of consistently high quality”

Volume X review

“Sherlockians will rejoice that more volumes are on the way”

Volume IX review

“The imagination of the contributors in coming up with variations on the volume’s theme is matched by their ingenious resolutions”

Volume VIII review

 “Sherlockians eager for faithful-to-the-canon plots and characters will be delighted” 

Volume VII review

“This is a must-have for all Sherlockians”

Volume VI review

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