MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Volumes XL to XLII - Author Interviews - Margaret Walsh

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Today we talk to Margaret Walsh who appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 currently on Kickstarter as part of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories XL to XLII campaign.


What’s the name of your story in the collection?

My story is called “The Strange Case of the Disappearing Factor”.

How did the story come about?

I was looking at the untold stories and came across “The Adventure of the Grice Patersons in the Island of Uffa”.  When I discovered that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has created Uffa for his story “Our Midnight Visitor”, I could not resist taking Sherlock Holmes there.

Have you contributed to Anthologies before?

This is my seventh contribution to these particular anthologies.  I have also had stories printed in several other anthologies.

Where can fans find more of your work?

I have an Amazon author profile - Margaret Walsh on Amazon

I also have my own blog - Margy's Musings

Apart from that I can be found all over social media.  On X as @EspineuxAlpha, and on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Threads.

Fun fact: Margaret's debut novel Sherlock Holmes and The Molly Boy Murders was a bestseller in Italy when translated into Italian as "Sherlock Holmes. I delitti della notte"


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