Celebrating a Sherlockian International Women's Day

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March 8th

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories is the largest collection of new Holmes stories in the world. We're delighted to share that with the release of Volumes XIX, XX, and XXI - the Kickstarter finishing this morning - we have reached 100 stories in the collection written by female Sherlockians. In the latest volumes we've created author profiles for:

Susan Knight , Paula Hammond and Brenda Seabrooke.

The new volumes are launched on 22nd May but available for pre-order from the MX Publishing site and qualify for our #bookstotrees campaign (you buy a book, we plant a tree).


International Women's Day on March 8th is a great opportunity to celebrate female Sherlockian writers, storytellers and the female characters from the stories. At MX Publishing we have more than forty women who between them have created over a hundred new Sherlock Holmes short stories, novels and non-fiction books. During March we'll share more details including guest posts.

We'll also showcase some interesting female characters from the canon and more contemporary stories - among them of course Mrs Hudson and Irene Adler.

As with all our books, any bought from this site will be included in our 2020 #bookstotrees campaign (a tree for every book ordered).

Throughout March we'll also have multiple offers and will share them on this page - so please check back regularly.

Our first offer is a 3 for 2 on all our female authors - click here.

Sharon Emecz

(co-founder, MX Publishing)


1st March - The Woman

First up is Amy Thomas. Amy's four novels also fall into the latter category featuring Holmes teaming up with Irene Adler to tackle mysteries. Amy's books have broken a host of records, including establishing her as the leading female author in the 'Il Gallo Mondadori' collection in Italy. Amy has had more novels (all four) translated and released in Italian than any other female Sherlockian author.

The first in the series, The Detective and The Woman, is an ideal place to start.

3rd March - Holmes was really a woman

What better way to lead into International Women's Day than to reveal Sherlock Holmes' true identity as a woman. In Margaret's prize-winning book, My Dear Watson, the great mistress of disguise, puts pen to paper to reveal this decades-long deception.

5th March - New Female Leads 

Another great first novel is Geri Schear's 'A Biased Judgment', the first of three stories featuring a wonderful new female character, Lady Beatrice. 

Geri followed up with 'Sherlock Holmes and The Other Woman' and 'Return To Reichenbach' completing the Sherlock Holmes and Lady Beatrice Trilogy.

7th March - Fantasy Holmes

If you like your Holmes less traditional, then a great author to explore is Tracy Revels. Tracy's Holmes is a warlock and her dark 'Shadow' trilogy has had rave reviews from everyone - including the major societies.

"I said that Shadowfall is rather like an enjoyable nightmare. Shadowblood is even more enjoyable." The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

In terms of cross-overs, there are several of those two. In her two novels, Kate Workman has great fun pitting Holmes against first, The Phantom of The Opera in 'Rendezvous at The Populaire' and then Jekyll and Hyde in 'I Will Find The Answer'.

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The MX List

Amy Thomas, Ana Maria Trigo, Carrie Carlson, Charlotte Smith, Charlotte Walters, Claire Daines, Claire Malcomson, Diane Madsen, Elizabeth Crowens, Elizabeth Varadan, Felicia Carparelli, Fiona-Jane Brown, Gayle Puhl, Geri Schear, Gretchen Altabef, Hannah Rogers, Janina Woods, Jay Ganguly, Kate Workman, Lynnette Porter, Madeline Quinones, Marcia Wilson, Margaret Bridges, Margaret Walsh, Molly Carr, Nicko Vaughan, Sherry Croyle, Susan Knight, Tammy Garrison, Teresa Wimmer, Tracy Revels, Wendy Fries, Wendy Heyman-Marsaw.


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